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Project Manager | ACCC (12 Month contract)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Location: ACCC | Canberra

Contract Term: 1 July 2021 for 12 months (& Extension options)

Application closing date to Inspired Corp: Tuesday 1 June 2021

Clearance Required: Baseline

Only your CV is required for this one - so send it through ASAP!

Seeking the services a highly experienced PROJECT MANAGER with the ACCC. A Senior Role, so ideally over 8 years of solid experience required.


Manage procurement processes for the CDR Technical Delivery Team for technical services and products for the CDR programme, including all procurement ocumentation, facilitating tender evaluations, and awarding contract(s) in accordance with the

Commonwealth’s Resource Management and Procurement Frameworks.

Specified Personnel will also perform a program management role.

Send your CV through if you are interested in a long term contract with an awesome department - we will contact you for some more info :)

Good Luck !

From the Inspired Corp Crew:)

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