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Augmented Reality Capability Demonstrators

  • APPLICATIONS CLOSE 9AM Thursday 30th August 2018



Job Description

The purpose of the Augmented Reality (AR) Capability Demonstrators Project is to provide a range of best practice AR examples from the current market, specifically for use in Education and Training (E&T) to the Australian Defence College Simulation Centre (ADCSC). The ADCSC provides a range of simulations (i.e. virtual and constructive) and has some AR wearable device demonstrators but is seeking additional demonstrators, particularly for mobile devices, to exploit the availability of these devices amongst the instructor and student population. Currently ADC Learning Centres (LC) do not exploit AR technologies to support their E&T activities and the ADCSC does not have the capacity to research and source relevant examples which might, with appropriate modification, support E&T within ADC.

Once the demonstrators developed within the project have been provided to the ADCSC, the ADCSC will then demonstrate them to LC to facilitate understanding of how a particular type of AR may be applied in their E&T context and elicit specific projects for development. It is anticipated that there will be many use cases given the range of content and delivery modes spread across ADC once the LC have a deeper appreciation of the technology.

The project will be executed in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Plan - produce demonstrator design documents for AR demonstrators;

  • Phase 2: Develop – the AR demonstrators; and

  • Phase 3: Deliver – the AR demonstrators.

A detailed application will need to be submitted to the Department, so please contact us to advise us of your interest and we will assist you in getting your submission forward.



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